How to become a “garbage picker master” in Escape from Tarkov

Recently I played a shooting game that subverts what I know. This game is completely different from any popular multiplayer shooting game at present. It can be said that the gameplay is very alternative, but this alternative gameplay makes me love On it-Escape from Tarkov.


Many people have played the PUBG game, and now most of the PUBG games on the Internet begin to make people feel a lack of freshness. Every game similar to PUBG comes from the sky, and then pick up the weapon “Suddenly” It ’s over, and this game called Escape from Tarkov does n’t follow this routine. Of course, you can also pick up the weapon “Suddenly” from the sky, but this game is not just finished because Escape from Tarkov is not just an ordinary Shooting game.


Let us first understand why Escape from Tarkov is not an ordinary shooting game?
Escape from Tarkov is a new creative military theme shooting online game. Based on the traditional FPS gameplay, RPG survival elements are added. The game supports a variety of different game modes. By collecting resources on the map and finding a way to escape from the area, But, players ca n’t be reborn in the game instantly, unlike PUBG games, they can still keep their own weapons after death. That is to say, the game Escape from Tarkov dies after you enter the map, then all you find The items or all the weapons brought to this map will be lost (except for the safe), this is a very innovative new gameplay.

In fact, to put it simply, the main gameplay of Escape from Tarkov is to find various valuable materials on the map, and then collect and bring these materials to find the evacuation point to retreat. Of course, you can search for materials in any way, such as from other players Seize it or sneak into a townhouse to search and search. You do n’t even have to fire a shot in the game to retreat safely. After you bring the materials to the evacuation point, the amount obtained after the sale will be settled. This is what you earn money in Escape from Tarkov, you can use this money to buy better equipment to strengthen your own defense and attack capabilities.

Because there are a lot of materials in the map, and many players will pick up items around, this behavior was later dubbed as “garbage picker” by players, so players who like “garbage picker” in the game will be unable to resist Escape from Tarkov Although “garbage picker” is very happy, but still a little smart to continue to “garbage picker” happily and safely.



How to become a professional Takov “garbage picker master”?

It is important to identify the map orientation first
Escape from Tarkov is a shooting game without mini-maps and world maps. This poses a huge challenge for players to identify the location of the map. It is more difficult to find the exact direction from the map. In fact, we do n’t have to be too nervous, Without a map is just a matter of habit, you can easily distinguish directions when you are not used to a map.

First of all, go online to find a map made by others. It is always helpful to read it several times. Then use the high-rise buildings on the map as directions. Find a few different directions and run it a few times in conjunction with the online map to get familiar with the terrain. Then remember the position naturally.
If you really ca n’t remember where you are, then you can just run and see if there is green smoke, because that is the sign of the evacuation point.

“Trash picked up must be sorted out”
The most fascinating thing about this game of Escape from Tarkov is that you can search for materials everywhere. You can turn over other people’s drawers, wardrobes, computers, backpacks, and other people’s trouser pockets. If you accidentally turn to “superior” things, it is very interesting.
But the problem is that the space you can bring is limited, so you should always organize the backpack space grid and bring as many materials as possible to sell.

Last sprint
Don’t be excited if you find the evacuation point, because the last mile is very important. When you find a lot of loot and see the evacuation point is in front of you, want to sprint to the evacuation point to finish? Then you are wrong.

The last mile is also the most dangerous place because many people will hide around the last mile, waiting for people who come running to send loot. If you do n’t notice, you may be inadvertently calculated.
In fact, it ’s true to use the sprint for the last mile, but the sprint is limited and can only run for a certain distance, so be sure to plan your own sprint route, and find some grass, forest, boulders, broken cars, and other obstacles to stand up Hiding yourself, do n’t worry, you must be careful about the “chaser”.

1000-(3)Knife Run is very important for novice players

Knife Run means that when the player first enters the map, they only bring a melee weapon and a safety box. Do not bring any valuable equipment. To put it bluntly, they come to search for materials and try to avoid fighting with other players and NPCs.

Running the knife is also the most interesting mode, and it is also very friendly to Xiaobai players. It is recommended that players who have just started to contact this game should run the knife more. No matter whether it is after searching for materials, go to find an evacuation point. Run more A few times can increase the search speed, but also familiar with the details of the map.