FIFA 20 360 degrees protecting L2 – Shielding the ball

This is an essential feature of dribbling and is something U4GM Gamer worked hard on to perfect. Many people complained when it was introduced to FIFA 20, but U4GM completely disagreed with the decision. At the time of writing this section of the guide, the shielding of the ball is significant on FIFA 18 and still very powerful. The fight for the ball is becoming more and more difficult each year as players become better at the defensive side of the game, and U4GM Coins Teams know that physical challenges occur hundreds of times every game.

The following tips are all handy, and you should be using them to get the best out of this updated feature for FIFA 20:
1. As a striker or a winger (or even if you’ve got a bit of space to run into, but you think that the opposition has the speed and strength to overpower you in a 1v1 duel for the ball, then you hold L2/LT down for half a second and then get back on the sprint button and power away from the opposition player;

2. As a defender or a CDM, you want to hold the L2/LT button-down and come off the sprint button to make sure you shield the ball and make it very hard for the opposition striker or midfielders to get around you and pinch the ball. As soon as you have a little bit of space and you’re confident of maintaining possession of the ball let go of L2/LT and go ahead and move the ball on;

3. Controlling the ball – now you won’t have to use L2/LT to control every ball that is played in but when you’re playing a football into tight areas or strikers’ feet, it is so essential that you hold L2/LT to make sure that your player receiving the ball uses his body and shields the ball from any opposition players.

1. If you find the opposition nipping and pinching the ball from you often, then when you pass the ball, make sure you hold L2/LT each time you are going to receive the ball. This will stop so many interceptions from occurring. Beware that this will significantly slow the pace of your attacks but, if you want to keep the ball, then you have to make this compromise.
2. Controlling the ball is the air is now something that you can do with even more conviction and confidence. Hold L2/LT when moving the ball into your player in the air and your player will not only control the ball closer but also shied the ball while doing so.