The Most Complete Chemistry Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The Most Complete Chemistry Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Do you know how which effect Chemistry has on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team matches ? Do you know what you should do to get the higher Chemistry possible ? Do you know how it is calculated ?The answers to these and many other questions are in this vast guide that was made for beginners and experienced players.

The Chemistry takes a fundamental role on your team’s performance, so it can never be despised. It represents how well a player will perform in-game. Low chemistry values will hinder players’ ability, whilst high chemistry values will result in players performing well.It evaluates the health of every relation in a club. In other words, the chemistry is a factor that helps the game play by interacting with the familiarity of the player with the club and his positioning, the relation with the other players and the manager.

In the end, that is what the chemistry does. Take all these situations, weigh how much they can benefit the performance of a team and transfer them to the four lines of this evaluation.In general, the introduction for chemistry in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is there to give more logic to the game and to make the building of a team more complex, challenging and diverse.

What influences the Chemistry and How to Improve it
The Chemistry measures several factors that are considered enough important to affect the performance of a player.Here is what influences a player Chemistry in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:
1)His position
If he is playing in his natural position
2)His relation with team mates
If the players next to him have the same nationality or play in the same league or club as him
3)His relation with the manager
If his manager is from the same league or nationality
4)His loyalty to the club
If he played more than 10 matches or if it is his first club

Additional FIFA Chemistry Calculation
Team’s Chemistry Calculation
Team Chemistry represents an accumulation of all the Individual Chemistry values. It varies between 0 and 100 and can be calculated with the following formula:
TC = IC1 + IC2 + … +IC11

TC is the team’s chemistry
IC is the player’s individual chemistry (to be seen further)

This formula allows team’s chemistries up to 110. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 100 has the same effect as 100.

Individual Chemistry Calculation
The Individual Chemistry varies between 0 and 10 and can be calculated with the following formula:
IC = PLC + MB + LB

IC is the individual chemistry of a player
PLC is the positioning and links chemistry
MB is the manager bonus
LB is the loyalty bonus

This formula allows individual chemistries up to 12. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 10 has the same effect as 10. Being possible, in theory, to get more than chemistry 10, allows other ways to reach the maximum chemistry and increases the diversity of teams with high chemistry.

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