RS Poll new rewards

There parts are here for your suggestions in the next week: God Wars Dungeons rewards, Nightmare Zone rewards and Halloween.

Rewards of GWD: based on the results of last poll, a new crossbow is offered in ranged weapon, while there is a common complaint that the crossbow lacked a special attack and this question will be further solved in this poll. Buy Runescape Gold Also, as players voted in favor of creating a new magic weapon with behaviour similar to the Staff of Light, magic bonus has been offered so that you can decide whether or not it should be included when the weapon is released.

Rewards of Nightmare Zone: In this part, you can give your suggestions about these questions: Imbued rings, super potions, herb packs, imbued crystal equipment, scrolls of redirection, imbued black mask and cosmetic cow mask.

Halloween Event: For Halloween, the holiday event from 2006 will be re-opened in the near future. If this Halloween event passes its poll, players who complete the event will unlock all the untradeable Holloween-themed items and a black Halloween mask will be created and awarded to players who complete the event.

All these new rewards in Content Poll 10 will have opportunity to be with you, you can buy 07 rs gold for winning it in the near future.

As you voted in Poll 9, there is a bank update for you: the capacity of your bank has been increased by 3 rows, giving you an extra 24 slots; a Search button has been added to the bank screen, allowing you to filter the displayed items, and more. Besides, a new crossbow scored 72% support; Players voted in favour of us creating a new magic weapon with behaviour similar to the Staff of Light; GWD is coming soon, with new armor available in there. All these changes you can enjoy soon with cheap rs 2007 gold.