WOW game developer should remember the lesson

We are in consultation with Blizzard. Blizzard also has data counter to us. We are

developing a system to refund to the players. My colleagues inform me that the

announcement of the refund is nine towns several major sites to take off. These

websites have been told is the version of the Department asking them to this

announcement to remove. They said they did not say, this version of the Department of

thing, and they think NINETOWNS to do so to refund of players is very responsible

WoW Scrnshot - world-of-warcraft Photo
All players also hope that the industry of online game will last for a long time.

This not only is the expectation of the game developers. With the decline of WOW,

many of its fans are all sorry for that, But it really give the inspiration of the

game designers. They should change the game to catch up the needs of the players.

Instead of get WOW items selling.

It has been concerned about the struggle of the so-called World of Warcraft to be

solved satisfactorily. In fact, today in the General Assembly start to speak the sum

total subject of industry and orderly competition. I think this topic is very

important. I is to remove the leadership outside, the participants speak who are

neither shareholders nor the big boss. I am a career manager of people, clearly and

simply talk about is a work. In speak of that, it can be less some personal feelings

color, while disengage between the enterprise and corporate interests to fight

against each other. Why should the battle level? From the perspective of the industry

standardized and orderly competition, you can talk about the views of their respects.

The media to the scene of advice is that I agree with the small total argument very

much. The manipulation of the media is a very good thing, if the media said today

should be no matter Ding Zhang, or my speech urged each digital media to spread the

word does not pull out, I began to speak their minds. The reason for making this

little bit of the requirements, because last night, my colleague told me that fact.

For the players who would like to get world of warcraft items for more funny playing,

it also can get the good result.

The day before yesterday we again issued a bulletin to tell the players, we refund

the preparatory work has been carried out where to step. June 7 has begun to activate

the card has a large number of players to refund the card activated.

And also protect the interests of the behavior of the players, they think it should

be worthwhile to promote and encourage the reason for this is the hope that friends

in the media to the spirit of professional ethics and conscience of the media

industry. All words verbatim spread out, and not to be treated differently. For the

game playing, I would like to get WOW MOP items when I was playing in the game.