You can acquire raw meat by killing monsters

Runescape is the number one rated online game ever played, Also known as a mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role-playing game). Runescape has more than 197,000 members and there is no sign of it slowing down. The amount of people that populate is more than the country ofLiechtenstein! The game also holds the record for the number of online players simultaneously engaging in the same activity. The game is constantly evolving and expanding. There are hundreds of things you can do in Runescape from battling opponents to engaging in one of many professions. The possibilities are endless and the world in which it is set is huge. I have been playing Runescape for 2 years now and have just begun the task of creating the greatest Runescape guide ever made!

The Runescape economy is not unlike that of the real word and there are many currencies within the game. One difference to the world is the fact that the development of your characters skills is encouraged along side the accumulation of your wealth making the gaming experience richer. There is inflation in Runescape much like there is in the real world, this and the economy in general is controlled by various means. Potatoes, Wheat make up the very base of the Runescape economy, along with logs, fish, coal and ore. You can then acquire raw meat by killing monsters.

The second tier of the economy is made up of better items that are made up of the harvested items. These include metal bars, cooked foods, tanned hides, gems and runes. The third tier of the economy is made up of rare items and other items made from things in the first two tiers. The value of the items is determined much the same as in the real world, more rare items obviously are worth more, as are items crafted by different skills. The weapons in Runescape are varied and exciting and can be bought, found or crafted. Again the rarer the weapon or the more skill it took to craft will determine the price of the weapon.


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