Wow Sith Inquisitor Guides

If the Sith Warrior represents the smoldering heart of the Empire, then the Sith Inquisitor is the sickly, scheming brain. Wearing light armor and comfortable with either sending surges of crackling lightning energy from range or mincing opponents as a whirling dervish in melee combat, the Inquisitor’s versatility juxtaposes stealth, tanking, and spellcasting – all powered by a fixed Force “mana” pool – in a happy little bundle of cruelty.

Emperor Palpatine’s trademark “unlimited power!” is the Sorcerer’s motto, and it shows. Luckily, sporting that “melted candle” look isn’t a requirement. (Although, he’s evidently lifted some spare robes from Rita Repulsa’s closet.) You’ll shame Zeus in electrical endowment after progressing through the Lightning tree as a nuker specialist.

It’s near identical to how Fire Mages operate, favoring slow-casting and channeled spells with big, pretty numbers. You even get a Polymorph to assist with CC: Whirlwind tumbles a target helplessly in the air for 60 seconds. Make sure to pick up Lightning Storm, a Hot Streak-like talent that sometimes allows you to zap off a free Chain Lightning when attacking.

Don’t be fooled by the Corruption tree’s name…unless healing your buddies somehow involves a degradation of morality. The Sorcerer specializes in protective shields and multi-target heals, so Discipline Priests will feel right at home increasing shield efficiency via Corruption’s talents. To top it off, nabbing the Revivification ability provides an additional AoE heal resembling Holy’s Circle of Healing.

It’s only a matter of time before the Altair jokes start rolling in, but the Assassin still retains mastery of the shadows. Heck, anyone who ostensibly lugs around a double-bladed lightsaber staff while staying stealthy deserves no less.

Thus, the Deception tree aids the Assassin’s subtlety when edging behind someone for a massive Maul backstab. The impetus for spike damage works well for Assassination Rogues who aren’t unfamiliar with positional superiority and carefully timed DPS cooldowns. You’ll start noticing similarities right away with the early Dark Embrace talent. Analogous to Overkill, it bestows brief high Force regeneration out of stealth. At level 18, you’ll receive Jolt (essentially Kick) for interrupting channels and casts.

The Darkness tree probably takes the prize for emphasizing an unconventional defensive specialization, and besides, “tanking with lightning” just sounds plain awesome. Darkness’ utilitarian abilities works less on direct protection and more on making an enemy’s life miserable enough to draw threat. The combination of melee and short-range spells is akin to the Blood Death Knight’s setup right on down to Dark Ward (Bone Shield) and Force Pull (Death Grip). 

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