Wow Siege of Orgrimmar Maps

The latest PTR Build of Patch 5.4 has added the maps for the Siege of Orgrimmar raid


The raid entrance is located in Valley of Eternal Blossoms (as already mentioned in

an earliier article).

The raid is split up into four parts:

I.Vale of Eternal Sorrows: Venture through the scarred Vale of Eternal Blossoms,

exploring unearthed mogu ruins to discover the source of the destruction.

II.Gates of Retribution: War has come to the gates of Orgrimmar, as Alliance forces

and the Darkspear Rebellion seek revenge against Garrosh Hellscream.

III.The Underhold: Within a secret Kor’kron base carved into the sweltering caverns

beneath Orgrimmar, Garrosh is assembling his ultimate army.

IV. Downfall: Wielding the dark power that lay dormant beneath Pandaria, Garrosh

seeks to bring a new order to Azeroth. He must be stopped! 

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