Wow Several Changes to PVP Arenas

With release of the new editions one after another, random team raid and random

battlefield occurs which allows the players to form teams across servers. Now,

Blizzard is finally about to make this work in the Arena as well.

According to the explanation from the blue post, in the Patch 5.4 PTR, players do not

need to join a team to take part in the Arena combat. The system can help find the

matched players according to the average level of the team that the player is in.

Besides the random match system, players can also invite the players from the other

servers to form a team and take part in the competition. The most important change is

that, the rank of the Arena ladder won’t sort according to the Battlegroups, which

means you have chances to challenge all the opponents in game.
Death knights - world-of-warcraft Fan Art
Random math opponents and team members automatically may make the players who are

familiar with the PVP feel very strange. Arena is different to the battlefield, that

there are fewer players here. So, the demand for the tacit understanding among the

team members is high, that you need time and experience to reach this kind of mutual

understanding. So, in the new patch, the Arena will provide chances for players who

did not play in teams in the past. While from my point of view, this mode is not

proper for high stage. Since a little mistake may lead to the efforts in several

battlefields in vain, the risk is too high.

If the ladder does not sort according to the Battlegroups, gladiators in the past

Battlegroup can fight with each other in the new Arena then, which can make the

combat in the high stage more fierce and competitive. The difficulty to win the title

and mount rewards at the end of the season will be increased as a result. It will not

only help stimulate the demand from the players, and increase the vitality of the

Arena as well.

It is also a very personalized change to allow players from different servers taking

part in, that players do not need to transfer servers to play with their friends any


What is a pity if that, with the cancellation of the Battlegroups mechanisms, we can

not see those adorable team names which are shown in the ladder rank. We can not see

the equipments of the opponents’ teams and deduct the combination of the teams as


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