Wow Security Warning

We will keep you updated on ZAM and Wowhead if more news arises from these hacking

attempts. Otherwise be sure to go through the necessary steps to keep your account

While it is still unclear whether these are targeted hacking attempts against

Blizzard, or if the unauthorized intruders are trying to “brute-force” accounts,

Blizzard is taking steps to fix the issues and will be sending out emails to those

accounts that show signs of unauthorized log-in attempts.

“We’re in the process of notifying any account holders who were not using an

authenticator and whose account showed signs of unauthorized access (e.g., logging in

from an unusual IP address). If you are among this group, you will receive an email

describing how to reset your account.”

As a result of these hacking attempts, access to the World of Warcraft auction house

from the mobile app has been suspended temporarily, but all in-game items and gold

will be replaced for those accounts that were impacted by the breach of security.

Blizzard also urges you to take any extra precautions you can to protect your account

and computer from unauthorized access, such as updating your password frequently and

following the security tips available on the Blizzard support website.

As reported by the inimitable Perculia on Wowhead, Blizzard Entertainment has

recently announced that there has been an increase in unauthorized World of Warcraft

account-logins. These unauthorized log-in attempts are originating from its main

website as well as the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory smart phone app. 

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