WOW power leveling isn’t devalued

What reason could Blizzard possibly have for the $60 price tag on World of Warcraft was upcoming level 90 boost? According to the studio, it’s so that the accomplishment of actual WOW power leveling isn’t devalued. Ion Hazzikostas, WoW’s lead encounter designer, told Eurogamer that the idea behind selling the boost separately was so that players didn’t have to buy additional copies of the Warlords of Draenor expansion to take advantage of the included free character boost to level 90 on multiple characters. So instead of spending the $60 on an expansion and juggling multiple accounts, players can spend the same amount and use it on a toon on their existing account.

I will admit though I was a big supporter of blizzard at one time, but when a company like this has so much power over the genre it should be taking that boat load of money it gets each month should be re-investing in making the genre less homogenized. but it takes Blizzard so darn long to produce something and the odds are they’ll ditch it if another game has taken the bland ideas they brain stormed.

I once respected them as a game company but that was long ago. the only way to redeem themselves is to actually see that the genre they have made mainstream is wanting change wanting someone to take all the positives from various virtual worlds even sandboxes and theme park’s alike and make the one game that once upon a time, only blizzard could make.

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