WOW Poll: The Changes to the PVP in Patch 5.3

If you are one of the PVP players in WoW, you must be worrying about the same thing as I do. Blizzard is about to remove the resilience from the PVP gears in patch 5.3. Since resilience is one of the most important factors which make the PVE and PVP gears different. Removing the resilience means the main advantage of the PVP players will be taken away.
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This change is compelling the old PVP players away. Even through Blizzard is making this change for the benefit of the whole game, or the benefit of their own, many players can not accept it at all. As the game developers, they have the right to change the game to however they want. But they have to take the consequences as well. PVP players have played so hard to own the achievement they have today. Now, the Blizzard is just going to take the fruit of all their hard work (wow items of high quality and attributes) away with no mercy, how could they accept that? Maybe the only way is to leave the place which makes them so disappoint.

It is a good way to encourage more new players to participate. As huge differences exit between the PVE gears and PVP gears, that it is really hard for the new players to start the PVP journey without some nice suits. After this change, things will become much easier for the newbies. More players will participate in the PVP just like the game developer expected.

It does not worth it since many old players may leave PVP. Blizzard want more players to participate in the PVP, but this change may lead to abundant of PVP players leave the game as a result. Does it worth to bring some new players in by sacrificing the benefits of the old players? It is not fair and it is not worth it.

Maybe there is a compromise way. To reach the same goal, Blizzard can use the other methods and strategies to make the PVP more attracting, but not to weaken the old players and leave them no choice. If the developers want more players to play in the PVP, they should think about how to make the PVP more interesting to play, and set separate battlefield for the new players where old players can not enter in PVP for protection. After they become more mature, they can challenge the old players as well. There are many methods, but Blizzard just takes the easiest one, bring everyone back to the original point. That is really heartbreaking.

We sincerely hope Blizzard can think about it carefully before taking any wrong moves. 

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