Wow Mists of Pandaria starting area tips

Getting to Pandaria is easy. If you’re at Level 85 already, you’ll get a letter with directions. If not, roll a new Pandaren to at least get the fl avour of it. You’ll be able to do this even if you don’t have the expansion pack – all races are going to be unlocked for everyone – although you won’t be able to create a Monk unless you upgrade. That leaves Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman and Mage as possibilities. Sorry, no Death Knights.
50 things about Pandaria
The Pandaren starting area is the Wandering Isle – a giant turtle with mountains, currently swimming off course. Before you can do anything about that though, you’ve got to train. Think Wushu with bamboo – pagodas, forests, dragons, mischievous elemental gods. It’s a much, much slower-paced start than Cataclysm’s new races got, though there’s still plenty of beating stuff up between lectures about nobility and meditation.

There’s no getting around it: World of Warcraft’s engine is old. Mists of Pandaria doesn’t change that, but it does take full advantage of being able to crank its draw distance for the sprawling temples, and packs its locations with detail and colour. When you’re in the wilds, it’s more familiar stuff. The set-piece locations are big and lovely, though.

Pandaren get a few racial traits, including better cooking skills and ‘inner peace’ for more rested XP. However the funniest one is that being fat – sorry, ‘bouncy’ – they take less falling damage than other races. This doesn’t mean you can jump off cliffs though, so it’s likely to be of limited use – unless you are just spectacularly clumsy.

On the other hand, Monks are a major addition. Everyone but the Worgen/ Goblins can take this class, which covers the whole DPS/Healer/Tank trinity. They wear leather armour and focus on staves, using energy to build up Chi that can be deployed in ways that really put the ‘holy freaking hell’ into ‘overpowered’ – at least at the moment. 

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