Wow Mists of Pandaria a personal story tips

The Wandering Isle is one of WoW’s most laid back locations. A few monkeys and killer rabbits – adorably called “Carrotcrunchers” – are about the worst you have to deal with, which is why a panda’s life revolves around practising a million different ways to kick arse without even having any bubblegum.
50 things about Pandaria
Someone at Blizzard is apparently a Ranma ½ fan. Part of the training temple is devoted to cursed springs that transform anyone who falls into them into a new form. Unlike the Jusenkyo pools of that series, it’s temporary and you’ll only transform into other animals. Still, watch out for cranes. They won’t attack a panda, but a frog? That’s lunch!

Much of the tutorial is a personal story, as you join up with a band of more experienced Pandaren. You’ll get to know them pretty well, including would-be lovers Aysa and Ji, and strongman Jojo Ironbrow. He keeps demanding you bring him materials to break with the power of his mighty head. It’d be very mean to try to fi nd something strong enough to give him the same kind of headache he’s given you… right?

Hope you’re ready for a fight! Your first proper battle involves taking down a flying serpent called Zhao-Ren with nothing but fireworks. While regular enemies are still tagged by the first striker, bosses are willing to be beaten up by impromptu groups. Run up and take part and you’ll be given kill credit – both here and in later big fights

Get ready to befriend an island. To fi nd out what’s wrong, you get to be fl own by hot-air balloon for a one-on-one chat with great sea turtle, Shen-zin Su – badly wounded by a crashed Alliance ship carrying Horde prisoners. The fi rst thing they did? Make two camps and hang war banners. This bodes well for the Pandaren people… 

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