Wow Legendary Quest Line Update

The legendary quest line, will be updated once more in Patch 5.4. This time, you

will need to venture deep into the Timeless Isle, where you will need to fight the

Celestials of Pandaria, loot creatures and caches to earn Timeless Coin in order to

further advance in the quest line. After that, you’ll have to fiind a group and

fight the Celestials. It seems that Wrathion will be able to further augment your

cloak, once you complete the questline.

There is a currency minted only on this island – “Timeless Coins”. They are immune

to the island’s temporal distortions… I would like to figure out why. Gather some

for me! Venture into the jungles of thsi forgotten paradise. Destroy the mysterios

foes who lurk in this timeless place, discover hidden caches of treasure, and

explore forgotten treasure hoards – whatever it takes. I will be waiting!
The Emperor’s Way
Defeat Yu’lon, Chi-Ji, Xuen and Nizuao, the four August Celestials of Pandaria.
Recently, the August Celestials of Pandaria presented you with a challenge – and you

triumphed. But can you defeat them in combat? They are testing the mettle of all of

Pandaria’s heroes. This challenge is not impossible, but you’ll need to follow the

advice of the last Pandaren Emperor and approach this challenge with unwavering

inner strength. You’ll also need a small army, so find a group of people you trust.

Defeat the four celestials, and our journey is almost complete…
A Pandaren Legend
Meet Wrathion within the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
I have learned so much in this timeless place, friend. Between the wisdom of the

celestials and the curious power of these timeless artifacts, I know now how to

safely augment your cloak with my own considerable power. I need a sacred place to

complete my final incantations. Quickly! Meet me in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms,

within the Seat of Knowledge above the Mogu’shan Palace. Today, your legend begins!
Judgment of the Black Prince
Complete the Siege of Orgrimmar and Defeat Garrosh Hellscream.
Now. To the final stage of my plan. Time to fulfil your grand purpose. using your

newfound powers, it is time to bring this war to its conclusion. Destroy Garrosh

Hellscream. Your people demand it, and future generations will sing your praises as

the harbinger for the glorious new world we shall build together. I have no reward

to offer you. I have already done everything in my power to ensure that you succeed.

You are on your own. End Hellscream’s reign.
Obviously, he says that he has no further rewards to offer. Dave Kosak though,

mentioned on his Twitter that there will be a legendary before we kill Garrosh.
With further cloak augmentation, Blizzard has updated the cloak models even further.

Here’s a screenshot of all the cloaks. Above you see the new cloaks that have been

augmented, once you bring your legendary quest line to an end, down there are the

old ones that have not been altered yet. The old cloaks were itemlevel 600, with an

upgrade possibility of 8 levels, thus 608 max. The legendary cloaks will obviously

have a higher item level. 

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