Wow How to Save the Value of Your Gold in Game

It seems to be a common problem to many MMORPG, that when more and more players come

play the game, there would be inflation since more and more gold are being farmed by

the players. As the total number of the gold becomes more in the market, the value of

the gold decreased as a result. For those players who have abundant of gold in game,

how to ensure the value of their gold in game?
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Here are some advices for you from the experienced players.

1. Buy rare items and mounts in game. Something may drop its value when it is owned

by many players in game. Just like the situation in our real life, when the many

people can have it, it is not so special any more. So, if you want to save or

increase the value of your gold, buy the rarest pets, mounts or the gears in game,

especially those kinds of things that exist in game with limited numbers. They may

have special history, or has special meaning to the players or the whole game.

Anyway, if everybody want to have it, but they can not have it, it must be the thing

that worth your gold. Just like the old stamps in the real life, the older the fewer

there is, the higher the value of the stamp will be. So, if you want to become rich

or stay rich in game, be smart and distinguish the items with your sharp eyes.

2. Use your gold to make more gold in game. If you leave the gold alone, the value of

the gold is decreasing all the way. So, why not change it into more gold? You can

choose to spend some time in the AH or the black market to buy something whose price

is lower than its value, and sell them at higher price in the AH. Just like doing

business in the real life, you stock and you sell. There are all kinds of strategies

to help you make more money. Firstly, if there are just several pieces of the item on

sale in the market which is really welcome among the players, buy them all. Once you

own all these items, you can set the price according to your will. Secondly, it is

always a good idea to store some items at the end of each edition. You can store the

materials which can help players level up fast. They are always on hot sale after the

new update in game.

3. When you use the gold, you are saving its value. Since it is not a good idea to

keep the gold in your pocket, then maybe you can find a better balance if you use it

when you need to. When you need gears of higher levels, just buy the gears. When you

want a mount which can let you run faster, just buy one. There is a kind of saying

which is wide known among the people. Only the money you have spent belongs to you,

the money you stored in the bank or the bottom of the floor is never yours. Since we

can not ensure the value of the gold stay stable, we should spent it in game to bring

us better game experience. 

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