WOW Amazing Buff Guide

I believe it that players who are addicted to the PVP must have encountered or heard about the situation before, that the two parties are of equal capacities and they all have great healing in the team, which lead to the lasting of the game. Since it is too hard to break the tie, both parties may have to suffer deduction on points for the existence of the time limits to the Arena.
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Actually, it is not reasonable to use this method to end this game. Even through the killing can not be reached for the combination of the team, there is still difference and distance between the two parties. We can just simply come to that conclusion that the capacity of the two teams’ is equal. After seeing that point, a new buff which is named “The Crowd Chose You” will be added in the Arena in Patch 5.4.

15 minutes after the lasting of the combat, this buff will be added to certain player according to certain conditions. From the picture above, we can see it that this buff can give the player 10 times ability to cause damage and immune to all the damages. What is more exciting is that he can discover the stealthed units as well. This buff can definitely end the battle easily. The party that wins the buff can get the final victory of the combat at last without any question.

While what the players care about most is how this buff works and how to gain the incredible buff. According to the instruction in the Patch 5.4 PTR, we can see that the buff is more reliable to the side which owns the advantages. The system will judge the situation according to the number of survivals in your party and the life value of the enemies’. We believe that the specific rule will be more correct, or according to the rules in the PTR, there are many bugs that can be took advantage of by the players. 

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