World of Warcraft The Warlock

Warlocks are all-around great soloers, but those who spec Affliction will find their downtime reduced to practically nothing with Dark Pact. Pet mana regenerates at an incredibly fast pace, and with this ability you can simply transfer mana from your pet to yourself at any time.
Best World of Warcraft Solo Classes: The Warlock
Like a hunter, a warlock’s pet makes soloing a lot easier, but not for the same reasons. At lower levels, a warlock can use his pet similarly to a hunter pet, soaking up damage and holding mobs’ attention while he throws DOTs and life drains from afar. After level 40, however, an Affliction warlock’s pet becomes a fast-replenishing mana battery thanks to Dark Pact.

Of course, a warlock of any spec has the advantage of Life Tap, as well. For a warlock in World of Warcraft, health is mana. As long as you’re alive, you can keep casting spells. With life tap, you simply convert your remaining health into mana and keep right on casting spells. When your health gets low, you can use Drain Life on a mob to replenish it.

Thanks to these amazing mana replenishing abilities, downtime becomes a non-issue. Add in the fact that warlocks do an amazing amount of damage with their damage over time spells and can typically Drain Life faster than mobs can damage them, and you’ve got the makings of one outstanding solo class. 

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