World of Warcraft The Hunter

Hunters tend to be a solitary lot. They’re not typically much desired for groups and tend to finish quests and level up much faster on their own. The secret to a hunter’s success is the faithful companion that follows them wherever they go, their pet.
Best World of Warcraft Solo Classes: The Hunter
A hunter takes his group with him wherever he goes. His tank is right there at his heels, ready to throw itself into a fight with a group of higher-level mobs on his master’s whim. As a hunter, your loyal buddy soaks up all the damage while you stay back and pick off targets with your gun or bow.

Downtime is practically a non-issue for a hunter. Yes, a hunter’s attacks do require mana, but rarely enough to cause him to have to sit down and drink between fights. A hunter’s pet will need some healing from time to time as well, but between Mend Pet and First Aid, pet downtime is very minimal as well.

Leveling quickly is definitely awesome, but the problem with playing a hunter is that once you hit max level, you’re going to find it difficult to get into groups. Other DPS classes are far more desirable so unless you’re part of a good guild that likes you, you can plan on soloing for pretty much all of your WoW character’s life. 

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