World of Warcraft Imperial Agent Guides

A connoisseur of cutting-edge weaponry and pressed medium armor uniforms, the Imperial Agent works behind the scenes of the Empire’s war efforts. His skill sets employ an arsenal of laser rifles, carbines, and a vicious energy knife. Like the Rogue, the Agent uses a refilling Energy bar. And like the real deal, you’ll need to pay close attention when your Energy bar dips into the single digits – the lower the value, the slower it regenerates.

The Sniper loves taking cover. In fact, it’s the only way to access the Sniper’s most potent shots. The resulting stationary playstyle is like the Marksmanship Hunter. Indeed, even the talent tree carries the same title. Putting points into this specialization knocks seconds off induction abilities such as Snipe and Ambush that are both predictably similar to Aimed Shot and Steady Shot.

Of course, shooting people in the face only gets better when you have a small army of probes at your disposal. The Engineering tree boosts the Sniper’s debilitating and explosive probes with expanded AoE and longer durations, a specialization similar to the Survival Hunter’s enhanced traps. As an example, grab the Plasma Probe talent for the Sniper equivalent of Explosive Trap.

Never mind that the Operative seemingly shops for clothes in The Matrix – you won’t get a chance to see him before he slides a knife between your shoulder blades. Specializing as an Operative means stealth, melee bleeds, and a wallop of an opening strike – in other words, the Feral Druid.

As such, placing points in the Concealment tree upjumps your Backstab and Hidden Strike knife abilities as well as improving stealth for that oh-so-important flanking maneuver. Netting the tree’s culminating Acid Blade talent combines the effects of the Feral Druid’s Rip and Ravage abilities into a massive initial attack from stealth.

Even healing doesn’t escape the Operative’s lethality. Sure, medpacs get the job done, but why opt for boredom when you can advertise the latest in Imperial medical techniques by flinging a dart filled with happy juice at an ally? In any case, the Medicine tree furnishes the Operative with improved healing abilities similar to the Restoration Druid’s stacking heal-over-time effects. The specialization’s final talent, Recuperative Nanotech, is a strong AoE heal akin to Wild Growth. 

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