Winter Updates Guide of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Players don’t switch between clubs only on the real life pitch. That also happens on FUT 15. Take a look at how the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers work.fifa 15

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide. When a player switches between clubs in real life, a new card of him with the new club is released.

When is it transfer season and What happens exactly if a player moves to another club?

There are two transfer seasons throughout the game: winter and summer transfers. The first one happens in January / February and it implies on there being two cards of the same player. The summer transfers update is there for the transition between games.When a player moves to another club, the cards that start coming in packs have got the new club on it. The cards that already existed remain the same.

Kinds of cards.

fifa 15

If you have a card of a player that moved to a new club, this card will not get an update. It remains exactly the same, with the old club on it. But two regular cards for a single player will be transferred. One corresponds to the start of the season and the other corresponds to where he moved to during winter transfers. Also,players on loan can get a new card. A player gets a new card just as long as he starts playing in the new club.

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