Winning Tol Barad

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Just like Wrath’s introduction of Wintergrasp, Cataclysm implemented an outdoor (non-instanced) PvP zone where the Horde and Alliance fight for control. This place is called Tol Barad, and most of what I’d written from the beta still applies. What I didn’t write about then (and what wasn’t quite apparent from beta testing) was how imbalanced the zone could be in favor of the defenders. If you’re level 85 and play a few battles of Tol Barad, you’ll understand what I mean. While I’ve won more assaults than I’ve lost, this anecdotal experience belies the fact that the defenders have a distinct advantage — they only need to keep one point from being captured, while the attackers need to hold all three at once. Because of how the flag is captured, through proximity and numbers (similar to the towers in Eye of the Storm), it is ridiculously easy to ruin an assault by simply zerging one capture point.

Mat McCurley’s post going through the problems of Tol Barad is a pretty good read and should give you an idea of the problems with the zone and some suggestions on how to fix them. For today, we’ll take a look at how we can win in the zone despite the overwhelming odds. A fix is probably due, but until then, we’ll all have to do battle under unfavorable conditions. This happens often in war — so soldier up. 

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