What Stats do Druids Need

Since we do a little bit of everything, we need a little bit of everything. Ideally, if we were going into a fight blind, we would have a decent amount of every stat and bonus available. Since we typically do know what role we are filling, what our personal playstyle is, and what to expect in the next fight, we often want to focus on stats that help us most. In the World of Warcraft, knowing some stats of your characters including class, features and strength are necessary for players that could bring more WoW gold and WoW experience (WoW power leveling) easily.

Druid is one of characters in World of Warcraft which is famous as the No.1 MMORPG. This character is the necessary for a group playing because of it is able to take more powerful and benefits to group, such as WoW items, WoW equipments and WoW experience that players allow complete WoW powerleveling quickly. Here is a prioritized listing of what to focus on for what specialized roles you will play in groups. Keep in mind that only the five primary stats are readily available until the mid-50 levels and up.

1. Healing Druids: healing power, intellect, mp5 (mana every 5 seconds), spirit.
2. Nuking Druids: spell power, spell critical strike rating, mp5, intellect, spirit.
3. Melee Druids: strength, agility, attack power, critical strike rating, hit rating.
4. Tanking Druids: armor, stamina, agility, defense rating, dodge rating, strength.

There will be many influencing factors that change these priorities around a little such as PvP vs PvE, particulars of a boss fight, etc. In PvP, for example, stamina becomes much more important to every role. For the most part while leveling you just need to make sure you aren’t neglecting anything. 

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