Tuna is a perfect choice for long Diablo 3 sessions

Many serious players consider this to be a “throwaway” item attribute that is considered a waste. I couldn’t disagree more with that standpoint. First of all, not having to double back for gold can help you level faster, progress more quickly, and – of course – treat yourself to a fancy item with the gold that you scooped up with no effort at all. More importantly, reaching out and grabbing health globes that are out of arm’s reach can save your life in a tough, chaotic battle. Melee players and ranged damage dealer alike can reach over a wall of vicious enemies to grab a critical health globe, save their life, and win the battle. Gold/Globe pickup radius ultimately makes the game more fun, whether your definition of “fun” is grabbing gold with no effort or pushing your character to the limit and diving after that desperately-needed health globe that’s behind a swarm of hateful enemies.

Tuna – Tuna is another food that is a perfect choice for long Diablo 3 sessions. Like carrots, it has nutrients that promote eye health (you’ll be staring at a screen for hours), and it also has benefits that promote cognitive healthy (for quick decision making and mental clarity on hour 5, 6, or 10 of your Diablo 3 marathon session), heart health, and even mood lifters if lost sleep or frustration is getting you down. Tuna is fairly inexpensive, and is easily made into salads or sandwiches without any cooking required.

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