Tree dwarf fortress is a good place for Runescape members

Tree dwarf fortress is a good place for Runescape members profit training logging, rare trees in the region. Spirit tree network access is very important travel convenience. A high level of culture (60 +) is very helpful.

Tree dwarf stronghold of a bank in the woods south of the center of the big trees. The bank is located a long tree, the title of the center, north and south of the house at the stairs and corridors. Two yew trees in the growth of the west side of the North staircase, a magical tree and tree planting stairs of the south west of the patch in the center of RuneScape Gold. The Western Magic Tree moderately distance is another magical tree. The third magical tree and six yew tree growth to the east. Effective logging, RuneScape players should focus on four trees by the banks plus tree patch, if necessary, cut yew logs and Magic logs.

Oak can be chopped, but Draynor Village and barbarian outpost Oak is close to the bank. Best chopped the oak logs teleportation process, an evil tree. By of planting yew or magic tree, the tree patch, RuneScape players get their own personal for themselves, other trees were felled tree was chopped. Runescape players in the agricultural planting and harvesting of the 60 branches of a willow tree, every half hour for the purpose of profit or not use of agricultural patches, while logging. Runescape players can in the spirit of the tree by planting fruit tree patch east orange, curry, papaya, palm trees, post-harvest arrived, and Note tools goblins make a small profit. 

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