Trading In The MU Legend Online Game Has Stopped

Gamers who are playing MU Legend are throwing bricks to decide the NPH game’s transaction key.

Recently, the hot online game MU Legend has struggled against bot, hack and NPH have to hand to hand to handle. Initially, up to 500 accounts were locked, while individual transactions, shipping was suspended, but great annoyance but still ‘acceptable’. However, after a long update yesterday, now all the methods of trading exchange in this online game has stopped!


Immediately gamers are playing MU Legend, people feel extremely urgent, they take turns… this decision brick thrower of the publisher because now is no longer online game that more like offline games, people self-propelled self do not have anything to buy anything!

There is no automatic treatment measures, the bot turned to the trade ban now has two possibilities.

1. The game will almost become an offline game.
2. If the trade system reopens it will obviously lose value because most will also be saved with the hope can be chatted but not what decay. Leads to greater supply than demand.

Login must use Captcha; Posting is not allowed; Ban trade.

Actually the anti-hack bot’s measures of MU Legend is currently unreasonable and make the community extremely urgent, perhaps NPH should think otherwise as if the current is not okay at all, because It made the game very depressed. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more MU Legend news and cheap MU Legend Zen with instant delivery.

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