Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here you can find the best gameplay tips and tricks for beginners in FIFA 16.

FIFA 16Gameplay Tips for FIFA 16 Beginners

●Activate the Trainer by pressing the left analog stick. This gives you a good tip on how you should act in every situation.

● Adjust the lineup before the game according to the opponent and your playing style under team management. For example, you can change the formation and set an offensive or defensive style.

● Apply the tactic full attack only if you are just back shortly before the end.

● Fully use the substitution to bring fresh players in the second half. Optimally your fresh striker can run off the meager defenders.

●Instruct the players in corners and other standard situations. So, you can determine which posts are to be covered and where a player should wait.

● Play patiently especially in offense where you should leisurely outwit the opposing defense.

●Put on the right teams in FIFA 16. The strongest teams are probably Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

●During the game you can choose between the game styles of “very defensive” and “very offensive” with the directional pad. You can respond to the actual situations at any time.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tips

●Ultimate team is the most popular game mode in FIFA 16. Here are some FUT 16 tips for beginners.

●At the beginning, it is important to collect as many FIFA 16 coins as possible and quickly build a stable team.

● Buy players in the transfer market instead of buying only packs. In doing so, you can save a lot of coins, since it is very unlikely to draw a pop player in the packs.

● Pay attention to the team chemistry. Search for players who play in the same league or who have the same nationality.

●Play seasons instead of tournaments because in a tournament a defeat means the end.

●Do not shop at peak times in the transfer market. Players are less expensive in morning and afternoon. Players will be more expensive again at night.


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