The useful Note when using magic in your RuneScape

Head to talk to, he is actually teaching you how to make money. Make money there are many ways to kill the guards, members of the public, the monster, you’ll get the money. We can note, some specialized RuneScape, where food and blood, there are a lot of RuneScape Gold. Well, out the door to the arrows indicate the church, the priest will teach you how to pray. Control interface will appear priests interface prayer. Prayer in fact, is to restore the value of your priests, click on this altar altar, the priest value can be restored. Continue to talk to him, he will teach you how to chat in the game. But chat is only accepted in English, may not enter the Chinese.

If we would like to chat with Chinese, to open qq or msn to talk about in the next, my friends and chat. There he will teach you other techniques, including how people blacklisted. And he talked over, opened the door and down the path into the magician’s room. And the talk of the magician, magic books you control interface will be used. The use of magic needed magic scrolls, they are divided into: spirit mind, air air, water water, soil earth, fire fire 10. Each magic reel, your magic book records. Many enchanted several reels together with and magician level RuneScape. You of course, is a magic. Start all skills are level. Put down all weapons in your hands, open magic book, to see spell: Magic wind strike can be used.

Note the use of magic in your hands not holding a bow, otherwise it will default attack with bows and arrows. Empty-handed or with a sword to magic. After you have magic wand magician dedicated weapons including Wind Wand Water Wand, Wand of fire, earth rod, they can buy in the store. When you equip them, you do not have to carry this series of magic scrolls can use magic. But time can be equipped with a magic wand in RuneScape, must carry out other magic scrolls, and the spirit of the reel also carry in front of over 10 magic needed. Cage inside the chicken killed with magic and magicians conversation again, you’ll be able to enter the official game. 

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