The third expansion pack World of Warcraft map of the region guess

1: Eye of the vortex

Eye of the vortex according to my mind, it should be a similar impact in the month TBC Valley – the early version of the final map. It contains the region has known: large cracks, temples, caves deep silence, the abyss columns, drowned in the domain, boiling platform, reefs and horse Kourou.

As a sworn enemy of the Nagas, lobsters contain the people here at the activities of Nagas. The Kourou horse will be a red from the cold start of the lobster people standing together, we will force people in the lobster the help of the capital to enter the Nagas. Islands can be broken by a special camp Semakula Get whirlpool Eye submarines.

2: Corzine Island

Corzine Goblin everywhere on the island, if you are determined to be a Goblin, which is the best place to go. As part of this piece of neutral information on the main city, Andmy than Satas or Dalara a lot of the area, which contains a copy of a low-level, to break down after the whirlpool you can use direct access to the Human Eye lobster main city of the secret channel Kourou horse.Andmy will be a similar furnace black dark dwarves City – a building in the town of Volcano.

In addition there is sewage in Hong Kong Get Kul Tiras (Alliance of around 81 regions) and Terra femo than (about 81 tribal areas) routes. Hong Kong has to Edeghi treasure (including much of wow money) the Gulf route.

3: Broken Islands

Islands have broken up a well-known ancient sites and the Suramarit Tomb of Sargeras. The former are angry with the wind Brothers of Thailand entangled place years ago, which is the devil incarnate in the first place place (although the body does not exist any more). Broken Islands Nagas occupy now, the island above sea level is not high, the climax, when a lot of places will be submerged under the sea (do not know the screen will be able to make this effect). One of Izar – Shura are Cadore established in ancient times the great library, which has a lot of valuable collections. But now occupy Semakula fanatics. Semakula fanatics are radical people revenge lobster organization dedicated to the eradication of all the Nagas the world (of course this is impossible), the external people with great suspicion and offensive, so here is likely to become a copies of five people. Temple of El-Harrach Nagas are important military bases. Then break. Access to a large number of wow gold.

The Tomb of Sargeras raid will be a copy of the final BOSS unknown, the devil is said to have been occupied (it is Sargeras?).

Alliance and tribal airship arrival through the woods and camp songs video adventure begin. Coast can be opened at the prestigious Horse Kourou.

4: Kul Tiras

First of all I have to admit Tolbadera Ituri at the location of a bit wrong, it should be away from the main island of Kul Tiras some farther, where the Wizards are a group of prison hand, held a number of important prisoners. Should appear as a copy. Kul Tiras borrales are the capital, a by no means inferior to the other main city league city field, pass routes have the sewage in Hong Kong. Although, unlike his father, the king so radical, but he belong to Alliance Kul Tiras think.

Friday: Island Zandalarian 60 when we saw the name, when 90 of us will really set foot on this piece of land. Troll here are all over the world headquarters. Because of the Troll can not find a more magnificent pyramid material, so plan on probably not enough of the grand Ze dasa. But in fact it is a huge pyramid unparalleled. Are many hidden wow money.

Mba Mugunga near Mountain Troll frost are resident at Chan Dara. Will begin our adventure camps, where there is a Mage you will be cheated Ze dasa to help him find the precious scroll of magic, so as Ze dasa is likely to occur and a copy of a Troll (BLZ has a soft spot for the Troll) . 

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