The most popular online MMORPG game in the world is RuneScape

Which is the most popular online games in the world, many people first thought is World of Warcraft. Indeed, World of Warcraft has a high popularity and the number of online players, but if the single than the number of players has more than online game beyond the world of Warcraft.Runescape is a free multiplayer adventure 3D online game, which is now popular graphics Mud. Players in the game to kill the monster, to complete the task, get the treasure in order to get RuneScape Gold. Players can communicate with other players and transactions with them to unite against the powerful BOSS.

Jagex developed the free tour page Runescape is such a work, making today announced that the the game users exceeded 200 million mark. And this number is growing. The records show that on the official website, starting from yesterday and added 70,699 users. If you have no concept of 200,000,000, then I tell you, Runescape is a country, then it will be the world’s fifth largest country. According to official statistics, 200 million players in total in the game to spend 443 billion minutes, on average, about 40 hours each players game time.

RuneScape (No Chinese translation, RS) Jagex Games Studio produced role-playing tour page. The game does not need to install the client, but the need to install Java before running. The game scale in the world, second only to the World of Warcraft and has received the Guinness Book of World Records, the most popular MMORPG game. The game has always been a rich story, huge trading systems and playability, flexibility, strong known. It currently does not have a Chinese version, English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese version. 

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