the Most Attracting Feature in Guild Wars 2

The guild would include friends you met online, friends you know in real life, and like minded individuals who share the same goals as you. Guilds have scheduled events such as raids and PVP events and the commitment to a guild is crucial. Being reliable to your guild is one of, if not the biggest thing of all. ArenaNet is making a pretty big change to this format and is allowing players to be part of multiple guilds at once. Let’s take a look at the guild system ArenaNet has in place for Guild Wars 2.

As most of you are used to, guilds are linked to the account and not a specific character just like it was in Guild Wars 1. If you are part of a guild with one character, no other you create needs to be invited to that guild. When you create a new character you may choose to join the guilds that the account is affiliated with or you can choose not to join any of them. Next up is the feature that has most people concerned, and that is the ability to a part of any number of guilds at once. Even though you can be a part of as many guilds as you want to, you can only represent one of them. When a character logs in they choose which guild they want to represent. They can also switch to the guild from the interface without having to log out. When you choose the guild to represent you will see members of the guild on your map, the guild roster, and the guild chat. Keeps are sediments you capture in world versus world battles, will show the banner of your represented guild, and any influence points you earn will only go to the guild you are currently representing.

The ability to see guild numbers on your map is really a great idea. You can check your map to see if any of your guild members are participating in dynamic events nearby, and see if they want continue and do some guild wars 2 leveling together. It will also be very helpful in world versus world and will allow you to see where a majority of your guild is located, and see what objectives that are focusing on.

Now I’m not saying this is the sole reason this system was created, but it could be very helpful for people who are very PVP or PVE minded but their friends aren’t. This system gives them the ability to be a part of two guilds for both their interests and their friends. The system is just another way ArenaNet is promoting building a community. Players aren’t forced to be in multiple guilds or even one guild. This just gives players the option to explore different types of guilds, meet new people, and make new friends. Another quick note before we move onto influence, report for guilds will be available. Things such as guild calendars, guild chat accessible from a web browser, and through Smart Phone apps will be a part of Guild Wars 2.




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