The high and end magician scientific fitted Raiders in Diablo 3

First, you must understand the and What is equipped in my opinion, equipped significance lies in the higher price, gold coins A 2A attributes. So, the of this fitted Raiders hedge standings players less applicable to red list, each piece of equipment output attributes almost perfect, it would not be cost-effective.

Equipped with the first step: the overall framework and budgetary arrangements. Black ice method? With one hand or both hands? Overall framework. How much money to fritter? Each site how much? Budgetary arrangements. These are all appearances, there is one important factor: leave much room for improvement, depending on your financial resources and Diablo 3 Gold.

Equipped with the second step: determining defensive accessories and ensure the movement speed of conventional defense parts: ancestral sets of three, to ward off evil and fearless ring, skates, Angel A. (These are the offensive and defensive) relative to use less or higher prices: digging pants, yellow wrist / pants / head, Twilight, with anti-tower clothing. Very popular: black thorns four. When you start to pay attention to the difference between the 71 anti-80 anti, 390 A and 450 A distinction, you have taken the first step in the master equipped. Mobile speed conventional accessories: La Kuni Stalker, Tyrrell of force, Yin Na moderation, all kinds of shoes.

Remove unlabeled attribute several DPS accessories, and other accessories will not spend more than 200 million. Is not considered part of the accessories of attack attributes. These parts are only slightly more expensive progenitor clothing. These defense sites can provide close to 500 points of resistance, 750 physical and count the holes 30% life. Master the physical basis of life 276 points, 60 physical 127, it can be drawn: even if other parts of the completely defensive attributes. 

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