The Boom Disappears:Diablo 3’s Players Become Fewer And Fewer

Launching less than two months,Diablo 3 was revised frequently,which increased the number of dissatisfied players.According to the statistics of a player,we can find that Diablo 3’s players are falling off,and instead, the old game World of Warcraft is becoming more and more popular.
Regarded as the classic masterpiece in recent decade,Diablo 3 has received as much criticism as praise since its release.The fewer missions,the erratic difficulty,the lower playability,the substantial reduction of gold,and the expensive maintenance cost,all of these make many players give up Diablo 3.The latest statistical data shows that,the time the players spent in playing Diablo 3 was once up to 142,620 hours,and after that it was decreasing continuously.The number fell to the minimum of 60,883 hours after 1.0.3 revision.In contrast,another classic masterpiece World of Warcraft is still popular though it has been released for eight years.The following chart on the left is Diablo 3,you can compare it with WOW.
Although there is no data showing the number of players when the game first launching,and also we cannot know if the the number of players or the time of playing the game is decreasing,however,the thing we know for sure is that Diablo 3 is not so popular like before anymore.Indeed,the Amazon gives the it just 2.5 stars out of 5,and 1 star account for the majority, with 1,229.In addition,there was some players putting the data on the official website,but then it  was removed by the administrator immediately.We can see that the official also do not want to see this fact. 

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