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In the gallery,Sirjuka Gallery is the natural progression from Temple of Temerity in terms of master glyphs. The dungeon offers five unique glyphs for each class that are unobtainable from the Temple of Temerity. Sirjuka Gallery has no immediate cooldown; instead it has a limit of three entries per day, six if you’re an elite member, and instance reset scrolls can be used to reset your daily cap if you choose to have a field day with the dungeon.

The overall goal of the dungeon is to protect the crystals on all three platforms; bonus points are awarded for completing objectives in certain ways and within time limits or constraints. The crystals in the center of each platform generate constant aggro on the various mobs and BAMs that spawn, and some of these enemies can be pulled and unaggroed from the crystal while others cannot. More often then not, it’s the latter.

For damage classes, it is recommended to get your damage up before going into this dungeon as a party (weapon at least agnitor +9 with rerolled stats). A good estimate might be that you can solo the second boss of Temple of Temerity without any trouble; you probably have enough damage at that point.

Then again, you should already be skilled at Temple of Temerity at this point since many of the glyphs there will up your damage output considerably.

In other words, it is highly recommended that you don’t instance match for Sirjuka Gallery until you’ve gotten a few of the glyphs you need from Temple of Temerity. It is a faster dungeon to farm, and the badges can be gotten cheaply. This also applies to tanks and healers, as there are many great aggro and support glyphs you can snag from there.

There’s already a great guide for that dungeon by Espei that you can read here. However, any level 60 can solo-grind this dungeon for the minimum rewards each time, so if you have nothing to do, you may want to consider doing this (more on this later, most of this guide will assume you are running with a party).

Note that while you’re inside doing the dungeon, it is important to wait until your entire party is ready after finishing a platform before heading off to the next, as the platforms seal off behind you as you progress forward, locking anybody who might have been too slow in the previous area.

For the same reason, do not resurrect in town if you die, as you will not be able to get back to your party should you return and reenter the dungeon.

Like Temple of Temerity, depending on how well your group did upon dungeon completion you’ll have a chance to get two sets of currency items that you can put towards buying your Sirjuka Gallery master glyphs, Silver Talents and Gold Talents (more on that at the end of the guide, no point in worrying about loot if you can’t even complete the dungeon).

If you’re short on time, and/or regard PUGs with extreme aversion, you can “solo” the gallery for the minimum reward every run you do so as mentioned before. To find out how to do that, see the end of the guide or click the relevant link in the Table of Contents. 

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