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Pokemon Go Update: How Ditto Will Be Added To The Game

Pokemon Go continues to be rocking the mobile gaming world for many months now. The augmented reality game from Niantic has recorded 500 million downloads on Play Stores regarding date and currently taking back the main spot around the rankings. In addition, one of the primary goals of Pokemon Go should be to go out and catch Pokemon. However, some players still find it so hard to finish the PokeDex seeing as there are several Pokemon which might be yet to be added about the game.

Aside through the legendary Pokemon, it appears as if there remains one creature that it not found in the game. Based within the previous evidence, the transforming Pokemon Ditto is currently hard to get at. Based around the report from Otakukart, it will be possible that Niantic is saving this Pokemon on an event or they may be still about the process of discovering how you can program Ditto’s unique ability and use it to the game. It was expected that Niantic will introduce Ditto within a unique approach to justify the long wait with the players.

One theory of introducing Ditto that Niantic might consider is via other Pokemon. For instance, a gamer had encounter a Rattata understanding that player successfully captured the said Pokemon and would surprisingly became Ditto. It will also be applicable for some other common Pokemon like Pidgey or Weedle. However, rare Pokemon spawns must be exempted or maybe have a lower potential for being a Ditto since fans will be upset when they encounter a Dragonite plus it would just converted into a Ditto.

Based around the report, it had been also suggested that Niantic should make next step of producing identification with the mimic Pokemon including its dot eyes and thin mouth which resemble the approaches seen within the anime. In that way, players will be aware if they have encountered Ditto and can decide which Pokeball they must use in order capture this unique Pokemon.

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