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Now, I am very gald to present some runescape reviews and ensure this is helpful to everyone who plays runescape. Let’s start off , im going to review Runescape 2 HD and not the Runescape 1 or Runescape 2 (no HD). -Let start with the Graphics: The graphics in Runescape are not the top notch , they are one of the best web based graphic released, there no point to argue to say Runescape graphic is a major F (fail ) factor compared to client based MMO’s,with the HD patch the graphic of Runescape just go better but sure not the best if you want to compare to client based MMO’s. -Content: Runescape have alot of content to sastify MMO’s player’s for a long period of time .ex: mining, fishing, cooking etc…does are called life skills or just crafting skills they are many in-game .the life skills are hard to max (99) it can be a total grind in the end tier level of you’re crafting skills but it will compensate you by accessing to new or able to make new powerfulll armor, weapons , making you rich by selling them . -Quest: the Quest in Runescape are fun to do and do not ask you to kill 100 X monster to get Y item, most of them ask you to get this item for X reason ( surely funny sometimes) or make a item to get another item you need, sure it does look generic but when you try it out , it’s look a bit different compared to other MMO’s in the market right now. -P2P content VS F2P content: The F2P is limited till a certain point , you still can max you’re skill but for some of them you won’t be able to make or equip certain item , but in the other hands P2P content is unlimited make you have all access to all content of the game ,sure F2P content can still be fun to do and later on you will have to P2P Runescape if you want to adventure to place you couldn’t in F2P Runescape. -Combat Mechanics or just the Combat System: The combat system in runescape is pretty blend or just barely take skill are attention to it for some issues or just reason whatever you want to call dear readers.The combat is slow , not enough action , can take a while to kill a player or a monster depending on you’re gear.Runescape combat is not the most intringuing of all  . it’s not the most fastest , The Combat in Runescape is one of the feature that is a turn down to certain MMO’s player’s for these reason I told. -PvP: PvP in Runescape can be fun , make people drop their Equipement or items , there not much to say it’s kill everyone in you’re sight in hopefully you won’t die. Conclusion: Runescape is a good start for a new MMO player , it will make him addicted for a few week , months or years, its content is abondant limited for the F2P user’s but definetly Runescape is a most try not for the Combat or the graphic but for the fun of crafting and the other game content . for more news, you are free to vist our site. 

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