RuneScape3 have changes with the previous

Jagex is the UK’s largest independent game developers , only the profits earned in the year
had reached $ 50 million , the total number of employees also broke the 550 people , and
will continue to expand. Jagex ‘s success stems from its 2001 launch of the works
“RuneScape”, although the picture simple, but relying on its excellent architecture in
Europe and captured a large number of players . Jagex on March 29, 2004 launch of the
second edition , and the legacy named “Runescape Classic”. The game was in August 2008 was
listed as the total number of players up to a free MMORPG Guinness Book of World Records ,
when its market share after the fee game ” World of Warcraft .”

The latest version “RuneScape3″ game was launched on March 22 , U.S. time , the use of free
games and membership value model. Compared to its predecessor , “RuneScape3″ membership fee
from 5.95 up to $ 7.95 a month . However, three months, six months and annual membership
fee discount prices were $ 21.95 , $ 39.95 and $ 74.95 .
“RuneScape 3″ is a use of HTML5 and Web GL structure, based browser running 3D MMORPG,
client and Web client support , such as double-ended versions. Users need to install the
JAVA control, or the game directly chrome. Compared to its predecessor , except for the
picture significantly improved, more complete interface customization features , players
also have a more intelligent perspective , once people have in playing MMO illusion. It is
reported that the future will be added to the weather and the diurnal variation of the
function .

“RuneScape3″ games are currently the UK, USA , Canada, hundreds of servers , belonging to
two types of free and paid members . Which free server open to everyone , but paying
members only members can log on the server . To balance , members of the exclusive
equipment and skills in the general server will fail. Players landing game will be randomly
assigned to the nearest server , and all server Unicom significant .


The game is set in a medieval fantasy world , players with medieval weapons and magic to
fight the dragon and the magician. The game uses the keyboard and mouse control. User
interface can be customized , players can create their favorite custom UI. Compared to its
predecessor , “RuneScape 3″ also increases the charts, you see see their weekly and monthly

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