Runescape system can match the World of Warcraft expression system

Paying member to some skills: Agility agile degrees can make the players through some was not through the place. And herblaw making potions is making some potions to temporarily increase the player’s fighting capacity. Runescape is manufacturing and technology. Although the free version, the player can use bows and arrows, but in paying member edition, bows and arrows have more style. The last one is thieving steal. In addition to steal things outside, still can be used to get RuneScape Gold and open some lock the door.

May it with everyone that friends are system. When you as a free member into, is then assigned to more conducive to your game speed server. May you in Canada today, and tomorrow is in Britain, but whatever you from which server log in, when you go to a certain grade level, showing good Runescape system, you can be and it 159 server any server players add for good friend, including member server. The author opinion, its expression system can match the world of warcraft expression system, of course, you also need to reach a certain level to see.

The Grand Exchange is The game The newly-opened independent trading system, which can be used both members and non-members, The key is it connected with all servers, you can at The same time and 500000 people do The deal. This Runescape is similar to lay stock trading system, the buyer and seller need not meet, all transactions are automatically completed, commodity price fluctuations with the city, once the deal, that can’t draw back. 

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