RuneScape publish formal investigation wilderness and free trade

Jagex has released the official polls show, about the wilderness and free trade initially controversial vote. It also released information about the new system and look forward to a formal vote areas need to gain RuneScape Gold. The original vote just a the Gage community interest.

Free trade, Jagex will maintain the grand exchange, but only remove the minimum and maximum price cap. Transactions between all players, limit party activity room, and limit the duel arena staking their claims limit will also be deleted. The relocation of the wilderness, in the wilderness of the spirits of the dead and activities. Occurs in the wild task will also be repositioned. RuneScape will look at some of the content, such as the flames of the network, penguins, and Po Road in a case-by-case basis. RuneScape has said, the tombstone death outside the wilderness will continue to occur.

The tickets need to log in, and there are three options, one is a no, and indifference. It is still not separated from each other in the wilderness and free trade. It is possible, and each account can only vote once. The message says try to re-open the login page and login the same account, the account has been voting results. Althugh There are many ways to throw such a poll, which is a lot of security than the polling for the first time.

The biggest problem is how to return pking more than three years the region has changed, it will affect the players runecrafting killed rushes do treasure trails ignite flames of network, and do other new activities have been added to the wilderness. So that will affect your use of the wilderness pking RuneScape Forum. 

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