RuneScape players robbery game currency will be sentenced in prison

If you are an online game RuneScape players, and suddenly one day someone pulled a gun on your forehead, you hand over your hands have all RuneScape Gold, then you will be how to do? This is not an assumption, butsuch a thing RS Gold did occur in the United States shortly before.For instance, two troy ounces of 12 carat gold, which is gold with a purity of 50 percent, would be valued as one troy ounce of pure RuneScape Gold. The value can then be obtained by simply finding the spot rate of gold on the day of valuation, which is quoted in troy ounces.

Not long ago, the New York City private Fordham University student David Emani and Jonathan Dokler, their classmates Humza Bajwa stole 4.7 billion RuneScape Gold in the game. Initially, Humza Bajwa trying cheated his two classmates with a bag of counterfeit coins, but when is to recognize counterfeit money, and had an argument, so Bajwa took out a pistol pointed at David Emani head command give the other a schoolmate call Jonathan Dokler, called his gave Bajwa, gold trading game.

Although he holds is not a real gun, and snatched virtual currency, but Bajwa last still be arrested by the police and was accused of two robbery and larceny. At present, the case is still pending, RuneScape players robbery game currency will be sentenced to 15 years in prison. We can imagine such a virtual currency to commit a crime with a virtual real guns is really not worth it, this practice is worth thinking in order to the moment chic in the game but may have lost a lifetime of happiness. 

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