RuneScape need pay attention to the top

The search may be you do in RuneScape valuable things of which one, when they encourage you to travel and meet new characters, use the skills you may otherwise be ignored, and, of course, all to verbatim search to reward. There are one hundred Search in RuneScape Gold, and that number is constantly rising. You can be asked to do the same simple things like baking cakes, or as complex as things like solve diplomatic relations in the war between the states. RuneScape extended and often improved. In addition to the free version, players can subscribe to so they can enjoy the new search, minigames, regional and skills we often increase to a member of the version of the game.

The size of RuneScape, and update the constant stream of combined mean that any one player will have a few hours of enjoyment and challenges when they battle their way through the game. Enter the game, you can develop to a lot of direction, or you can practice anything is what we train for. Well, I entered the game to start. First, enter the game is a training Off, where you do not intend to leveling in order to complete it wants. First to speak, and flashing arrows do not care for the things he said, quickly leaving the subject, see the arrow on the door, opened the door. Outside there is a person, a human head with an arrow, and talk to him, he will give you an ax and a matchbox, click on the ax, and then click on a tree, you will begin cutting down trees, wait until your inventory has been a pile of wood Click matchbox and then click on the wood, you gave birth to a fire.

Then talking with an arrow and a head, he gave you a fishing net, you went to the water’s edge, shiny fishing shrimp, groan, the pile of Huopang just raw, click shrimp, click fire, you begin to grilled shrimp. If you scorched to come out until golden shrimp grilled. This is to pay attention to the top right of the game screen map, where there will be arrows to prompt you to go there. Click the cursor on the map, open the gate to see the house, through the herd. 

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