Runescape money between two accounts of how transfer

Many Runescape players have multiple accounts. However, it is typical of the players have an account , they think is their main one . Any accumulation of wealth in the alternate account is usually transferred to the primary one. There are several ways in Runescape transfers . Jagex is actively discourage people to buy Runescape money , transfer it to your account , so each method has its limitations involved .

. Log in to what you want to take money from the account.

. Put the money on the ground. Please note that if you take more than your current trade restrictions , the extra money will disappear. You can check your current trade restrictions by trading with other players to open a window .


. Cancel the account and want to log on to your money directly into the account.

From the ground to pick up the money .

Check the Grand Exchange to find the current price of raw materials that can be processed into a more expensive product . A common example is that you can change to a record bow .

, The main account to purchase raw materials and processed into finished form .

Remittances from the secondary account to the main one , in exchange for these products. This allows met, trade restrictions , because the trade balance .

Warning: The Real Deal projects get Runescape gold is against the rules , and may

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