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Due to the strong Qiangguai ability , then it is recommended to dark hole kiln floor or second floor playing tweeted , tweeted to concentrate on playing 30 or so. This monster of experience and more money , but certainly a lot of people looting . Another focus is on holes kiln bat , falling very important Sting wrist . When the attention back to the city to buy some of their hit something , in order to produce steel bow +0 ( Attack 6 ) , need to prepare some materials : ( red in the dark hole kiln hit )

30 iron ore , copper block 10 , to a fine bow , bent one , a hammer , a hammer handle , spider silk one . Provenance were easy to find :

Goblin Archer windmill northern plains , dark hole kiln Goblin Miner , Goblin Archer northern plains windmills , castles wolves wolves Bandit Archer , Goblin Archer windmill northern plains , puppet camp hammer dwarves , dark hole kiln bat Cave kiln .

In addition to wolves Bandit forts goblin archers more difficult to play outside , basically it should be no problem , in short, can only buy it, is not expected to be expensive.

Sting wrist can be upgraded to dual stab wrist ( defense 3 , hit +1 ) , and further upgraded to a sawtooth wrist ( defense 3 , hit +2 ) or Scorpion wrist ( defense 3 , hit +3 ) , is Ranger hit the poor the necessary equipment. In not get magic crystals , if you hit some warehouses have kept it .

The next thing is to upgrade the steel for the steel bow bow +0 +3 . ( Get Wu volume )

Before you should hit a lot of treasure to the town of Aspen to find a NPC to open the 1000 opening time, there is less chance to get weapons anti-roll . Another more direct approach is to nest bliss fight bird of paradise , a very personal feeling Wu volumes chance . is a website that sells a variety of online gaming items to the online gamers, which include RS Gold, SWTOR Credits, Diablo III Gold, FFXIV Gil, and a host of other items. All items are available at cheap prices and they have a round the clock customer support to assist the customers.

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