RS Super September still goes on

Besides the reward for today’s Challenge, You also can get x2 XP (x1.25 XP for Dungeoneering) for completing your daily challenges while Super September is running.Each super challenge you complete will reward you with XP and consistently active superheroes will be able to look the part too, with superhero themed rewards available at every 5 challenges you complete. For those looking for fame, the ‘Farmyard Rampage’ and ‘Bulldog’ super challenges will have hiscore tables, lasting one week each. You will be rewarded with a special reward if you are one of the top 1000 on that table.

As the jagex announced, every day throughout September they will be adding a new Super challenge to the list of daily challenges in the Challenge System. Runescape Gold Today’s challenge is To Forgive is Divine, Harvest from the same wisp as at least 4 other people. Act quickly. You only have one day to complete and hand in the challenge.

There something you should notice. If you’re having trouble completing a particular task because the content you need is busy, we strongly recommend switching game worlds. Although there are designated worlds for certain pieces of content, but please remember that it’s possible to do everything you need for Super September on any members’ game world.

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