RS Mining and selling essence

Mining and selling essence is a slower way of making money but it gives you some mining experience. To begin with complete the rune mysteries quest, Then go to Varrock in any world between 1 and 8. Go to Aubury’s rune shop and have him teleport you to the essence mines, mine the essence until your inventory is full and then store the essence in the north bank. Repeat these steps until you have 100 essence, take the 100 essence out of your bank (noted) and start shouting “selling ess”, the people there are usually desperate to buy essence so you will get some trade offers soon. Never sell your essence for less than 30g each, You can get at least 3000g for every 100 essence you mine.

This is a very profitable business but requires some patience and some starting cash. Get 3k cash and go to the magic shop in port Sarim, the shop sells newt eyes for 3g each, fill your inventory with them and store them in the draynor bank. Buy Runescape Gold Keep buying eyes until you have 1k eyes stored in your bank. Now go to Varrock in any world between 1 and 8 and you can sell 1k eyes to people for as much as 250k. This is because anyone who is raising his herblore skill doesn’t have enough time to go back and forth from the bank and will be willing to spend that much money for something so cheap. For those who dont know, Newt eyes are used for making potions.

For those who don’t know, the stronghold of security has 10k waiting for any player who has enough time to go there. To go to the stronghold, go to the barbarian village and go down the hole that is in the mining site. The stronghold has 4 levels, each level with more dangerous monsters than the last one. You’ll need some good armour, food and defence level to survive the monsters inside. The first level gives 2k, second one gives 3k, third one gives 5k and the fourth one gives some fancy boots. Its a good place to level up for f2p.

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