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” The launch of the bonds in RuneScape is a very positive step that will improve the economy of the game and offers players more choice in how they can obtain a membership. We want to build a strong foundation to continue to grow , ” RuneScape the next decade, says executive producer Phil Mansell .

RuneScape developer Jagex has bonds in the online fantasy world introduced, players in-game efforts can exchange for tangible benefits , such as a membership . The introduction of the bonds is a new innovation in free-to -play games.

The bonds, which can buy for € 4.25 , free trade is also separately introduced into RuneScape gold lease in order to create balance and eradicate . Players can exchange the bonds themselves or gift to give to friends or fellow members of the clan . Bonds can be redeemed for 14 days RuneScape membership , running eight times Squeal of Fortune 160 or Rune Coins .

” Many players have in-game a small fortune of money and valuables up by playing RuneScape . The introduction of bonds millions of Buy Runescape Gold dedicated players now have the choice to their own membership and other services to be financed by exchanging in-game wealth for bonds. “

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