Practice attacks is to enhance the accuracy of RuneScape

Equipment, you just build a dagger dagger, and samurai speak. He will give you a bronze sword bronze sword and wood shield woodenshield, click on them, you equip on runescape. At this time your battle interface flashing two swords cross icon, click to see four options, in turn: stab stab, Lunge sprint, slash hacking, block defensive counterattack first practice attack Attack, the second and third practice of force strength, the fourth practice defensive. Practice attacks is to enhance the accuracy of your attack, strength exercises is to get RuneScape Gold, so that each attack, killing the enemy blood to raise the ceiling, many do not practice this special practice.

Practice defensive improve the the enemy defensive success rate and reduce the upper limit of the injured blood. Want to see your data, click the attack button next to see. Understanding after the function is over, according to the runescape indicated by the arrow to open the door to enter the cage, click on the arrow indicates the mouse, so you began to kill mice. If you lose too much, you can click before you make bread or grilled shrimp, they increase the blood. Bread 4:00 blood, grilled shrimp plus 3:00.

After killing the rats, ground bones to pick it up. Right-click on the bones, select the first option is to bury the bones, so that you can practice priests Prayer skills. The priest’s skills so that you can temporarily increase your attack and defense skills. Buried bones finished, you talk and warrior, and he will give you a bow and 30 arrows, you can kill the mice out of the runescape. Leave the basement to kill mice, indicated by the arrows. To the inside of the house, and arrows indicate the person to talk to this person is the bank staff, click yes, you can see the inside of your bank 25 bucks. Finished talking, and the bank staff to open the next door. 

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