Poe 3.6 Melee Frost Blades Builds For Shadow

Frost Blades is really a cold melee assault skill that strikes with greater selection, then has the secondary influence of releasing projectiles through the struck enemies. When an enemy is a strike by this skill, a number of homing projectiles fly out from driving the enemy and target nearby enemies. This skill improves the melee variety by a considerable diploma. Not like Lightning Strike, if your preliminary attack doesn’t strike an enemy, then no projectiles are launched. The projectiles provide the exact same injury multiplier since the initial melee hit, with all the similar chilly destruction conversion. Even so, the first melee attack scales with melee injury modifiers (this kind of as Melee Actual physical Damage), whereas the projectiles scale with projectile problems modifiers. Equally, components scale similarly with the (unspecified) attack, bodily, and chilly hurt modifiers. Multistrike makes use of the increased assault choice of this skill when deciding on targets to assault. Melee Splash isn’t going to release extra projectiles from secondary targets struck through the initial melee splash, nor does it splash the projectiles’ hurt. Speedier Projectiles will increase the velocity and efficient array of the secondary projectiles. Vicious Projectiles scales each of the hurt with the projectiles, but not the preliminary melee assault: attack velocity is just not reduced considering that the assault animation itself is melee, rather than the projectile.

[Poe 3.6 Assassin] Frostblades Assassin SSF Feasible. 650K DPS w/ Funds equipment! League starter! Insane Crystal clear Speed

This build has crushed a lot of the hardest endgame content this kind of as guardians, pink elder, almost all of the exceptional maps from the activity, and every map til T16.
The build does 600K+ DPS using a 35C Funds. It is possible to go less expensive (15c or reduce) and have about 400K DPS.
If the contact of anguish’s is highly-priced at first on the league, don’t worry. You’ll be able to safely use two wasp nest until finally about tier 11+ maps.
The shaper is concerning the level wherever the build reaches its peak. The shaper is simply not possible for the instant with our present equipment setup.

Brine King and Yugul will be the normal ones. They’re situational, but normally you may run these. Should you be new or will not have a very good deal of knowledge with pantheons, adhere with these.

Ambush & Assassinate
Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion

Q. What are those little ice spikes from the video?
A. That is actually an MTX called “Gloom Herald” while in the microtransaction shop.

Q. How do I use these Pastebin links? It’s just text.
A. You need to download a program called “Path of Building” via GitHub. After you install it, press new build, click import & export, select import via Pastebin and paste during the Pastebin link I have provided.

Q. I keep dying to Izero / any other high hurt dealing boss.
A. This build has whirling blades, make use of it. This build takes advantage of positioning more than most builds you might play in PoE.

Q. You really don’t have the allocated dexterity for the jewels to work!!!
A. You really don’t need to hold the dexterity allocated to make the jewels work.

Act 1
Act 1 should be a bit of a breeze. You want to begin by grabbing frost blades from the local vendors. From here on out just continue progressing through the story and picking up high actual physical problems weapons. Iron rings are also really great! One last note, be sure to buy ruthless from Nessa in town. This will make the boss killing way easier. (Swap out an ancestral call for ruthless on bosses)

Act 2
Act 2 can be a whole lot from the similar from Act 1. From here you want to go to the chamber of sins and obtain your herald of ice with the quest reward. Herald of ice is a big destruction boost and also it looks very nice. You want to remain trying to get better weapons and making sure you have gear that has defensive stats on it these kinds of as life and resistance. After this just keep on progressing the story and getting the gems within the vendors after you complete the quest.

Act 3
Act 3 is going to be pretty easy, just keep on progressing the story and always be on the lookout for upgrades to your gear! You’ll also be getting a few skill gems that we will use through the rest in the activity here. The main types being hatred and assassins mark.

Act 4
Act 4 is pretty easy on the layouts, but this is where the bosses do start out to strike pretty hard, so be careful. You’ll also get a few of our most used gems here. Those are Ice golem and multi-strike. Be sure to keep using ruthless on frost blades when killing bosses!
This is also the point wherever you are able to do the labyrinth, I usually recommend to do it in act 4 because of you slightly out level the area and it should be much easier.

Act 5
Act 5 is gonna be the hardest boss fights of part 1. So make sure you happen to be prepared. Try to make sure your weapons are decent and you have some life on your gear with resistance. Also, you do get a jewel from here that will be used throughout the rest with the video game. That jewel is called a fight for survival. Make sure you keep this somewhere in your stash that is safe right up until you’ll be able to put into a jewel socket.

Act six
You survived part 1 and now you made it to part 2. Part 2 lowers your resistance by 30% on all elemental resistances. This is gonna hurt quite a bit. On the bright side, our build takes a lot of elemental resistance on the tree, so this won’t hurt quite as bad.

In act six you want to continue on and try to really work on getting good defensive gear that has life or resistance. Hopefully, you found a one of a kind by now that will help with destruction, if not then keep looking for high actual physical damage weapons.
Be sure to go to the twilight strand and crystal clear it out! You get a vendor that sells almost every individual gem from the match. This will allow you to complete the gem links that you may have missed out on.

Act 7
Just keep on progressing, these last few acts are mostly just for leveling and gearing as you should have every one of the gems that you need by now. Remember to use ruthless on bosses!

Act 8

Just more leveling and gearing happens in this act. You may hit a soft wall exactly where you can’t progress due to equipment being weak, if that’s the case then go to harbor bridge and just farm out for a while. Should you press Ctrl + left click on the gateway to a new area it allows you to make a new instance with new mobs to kill.
At this stage you may do the cruel labyrinth should you want to and probably should, this will be another massive DPS raise.

Act 9
Act 9 is really short and pretty easy, you shouldn’t really have any issues here. When you do, Blood aqueduct is actually a good farming zone.

Act 10
Welcome to the end with the story in PoE (At least for now). This is gonna be the toughest boss fight and also the one with the most consequences. You are going to lose another 30% of all elemental resistances after you kill kitava for the last time. So make sure you do all your labyrinths (including merciless) before killing kitava. A great place to farm in case you need equipment is the ossuary/blood aqueducts.

Endgame Transition
Congrats! should you be reading this, you completed the story in PoE. I recommend you go to act 9 and farm the blood aqueducts for a little for the levels and the equipment. This will make the early endgame much less scary and also more rewarding. Feel free to experiment from here on out.

Leveling Skill trees
www.poeurl.com/b9XA Around Act 6ish.
www.poeurl.com/b9XD Around Act 8-9ish
www.poeurl.com/b9XE Early-mid Endgame
Please remember, these are definitely only estimates of what actions you should be, it can be higher or decrease.
After you reach endgame start off to get soul raker ASAP (The claw wheel area) after you get soul raker, use your respect points on the life leech/mana leech nodes by the Vaal Pact.

PoB Link – https://pastebin.com/jq2CqbTt

Skill Tree – www.poeurl.com/b9XP
[Poe 3.6 Assassin] Face-Cannon Frost blades Assassin. Face Tank everything

his build needs a good balance between DPS and life, you need high DPS to provide enough leeching, and high life as well to prevent 1 hit. So make sure you got T1 life rolls on all your rare gear, i.e. 70+ life on rings, 80+ life on amulets and boots, 100+ life on the belt (abyss belt with life jewel or leather belt). Also make sure at least one of your rings is Steel Ring, and have 2 or more DPS mods (improved cold dmg, WED, flat phys). Make sure your amulet have 3 or more DPS mods. (flat Phys, enhanced chilly dmg, crit multi, WED) WED means elemental problems with attack skills.

This build would not require much spending plan considering that all required uniques are cheap, but if you’re rich, there is also huge space to improve. The build employs Bloodseeker for instant life leech and from Opportunistic ascendancy of Assassin (no crit from the boss), we can face tank most of the bosses without worrying about positioning. Might of your Meek jewel may not work along with the new passive tree. I am a little busy recently and will update the guide according to changes later this week, but as of now, you could follow the version without the might of your meek jewel.

Unstable Infusion
Ambush & Assassinate
Deadly Infusion

Take Alira or two passives.

Brine king

POB version: 1.4.134 (3.six Synthesis League)
3 million dps version


POB version: 1.4.99
Updated together with the 2.14 million dps version


Skill Tree – http://bit.ly/2WdfvWM
[Poe 3.6 Trickster] Bashtart’s Frost Blades & Molten Strike Trickster * Oni-Goroshi * Crazy Speed & DPS!

This build will not really change in 3.six but the farm time of Oni-Goroshi seems way too long to be worth it so We would recommend to buy it later. Blade FLurry with Power and Frenzy Charges seems to be a viable option instead of MS.

How to I proc “Her Embrace”?
To proc Her Embrace you need to ignite an Enemy. so the easiest way to do that is to get somewhere on your equipment “adds % fire problems to attacks”.

I feel so squishy… what can I do?
The most important defense of the build is usually a high life pool… try to reach +6k life. Normally injury just isn’t a problem with this build so concentrate especially while gearing more on defense. Early on a cheap alternative to Kaom’s Heart is to get a cheap PoE Currency belly in the beast with high % to max life and kaom’s roots with high max life.

Which enchantment?
Gloves: corrupted gloves with temporal/elemental weakness on hit, or some enchantment… would not really matter too much I guess
Boots: Assault & cast speed, adds % destruction to assault, life leech, regen are decent options imo.
Helmet: Amplified Impact of Golem buff is actually a good allrounder, in case you want to go full single concentrate on dps go with 3 additional molten strike projectiles.

Do your threshold skill jewels fulfill the requirements?
Yes. because the required strength/dexterity won’t have to be allocated. It is enough when it is from the radius with the threshold jewel.

+ Very fast clear- & arm speed
+ Fun playstyle
+ Safe mapping (freezing almost everything)
+ High dps
+ Easy Leveling with Oni-Goroshi
+ Oni-Goroshi makes immune to nearly everything
+ A speaking sword is kinda cool :)
+ Can facetank most endgame articles.

- The DoT impact of Oni-Goroshi can be annoying

Soul of Solaris
Soul of Tokuhama

Bandits: Help Alira

PoB Link – https://pastebin.com/dGj6CTps
Skill Tree – http://bit.ly/2UR57E8

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