Path of Exile Regal Orb Guides

PoE Regal Orb is usually a currency item that will be applied to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare. Adds One mod to a magic item (changing it into an uncommon). Regal Orb Upgrades a magic item into an uncommon high-quality item. You’ll find no effective utilizes for this orb early game. It might be only utilized in meta-crafting. It could possibly not be an undesirable notion also to craft uncommon jewels with this, so long as you happen to locate a decent blue jewel with fantastic affixes and choose to attempt your luck to obtain something useful (commonly it will not be, but it is not the worst idea)
Regal Orb Recipes
Regal Orbs are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. Additionally, they drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.
Regal Orbs can also be obtained from the following vendor recipes:

Regal Orb Exchange
Any rare item with 2 affixes. This could be created by using a Regal Orb on a one-affix magic item or by utilizing an Orb of Annulment on an uncommon item = 1?¨¢ Orb of Scouring

How you can Use Regal Orb
The principal technique to invest Regal Orbs is usually to consume them to upgrade a magic item into an uncommon item, adding one particular random affix. Often, applying a Regal Orb is only a single step inside a long item crafting approach that may possibly include things like making use of Exalted Orbs, Eternal Orbs, and Forsaken master crafting benches. If applied on a magic item with only one particular affix, a Regal Orb will build a rare item with only two affixes, which otherwise cannot exist. It can be possible to add a prefix to an item only using a suffix, making an uncommon item with properties also a magic item could have. This could be beneficial when preparing to make use of Elron’s Can have many crafted mods meta-crafting mod.
Other than for crafting powerful uncommon gear, Regal Orbs could also be utilized to upgrade maps in order to increase item quantity bonuses. They might also be made use of to upgrade strongboxes, in particular, Arcanist’s Strongboxes, due to the fact that strongbox variety can potentially drop many uncommon or rare orbs, yielding a net good return for the player.

There are many strategies to use regals and everyone’s preferences will differ. That said, I ordinarily discover it a lot more cost-effective to get items than craft.
When I do use regals, I am likely to use them on rings or Amy’s having a desirable base (ie: diamond rings for crit, moonstone rings for ES, or gold rings and Amy’s for MF (magic uncover), and so forth) with two desirable T1 mods. You could see what the T1 mods are at, For the distinct scenario, the very first thing I’d say usually does not scour a level 67 item. You may not be capable of roll the most beneficial mods on an iLevel 67 item: you’ll need to have iLevel 78 or 79 (I believe). You may usually buy one of these for 1 or 2c when you are not up to operating level 76-79 maps. To determine the iLevel of an item (In the wiki): Lift the item onto the cursor, and type the /item level command into the chat box, though the item is held on the cursor. The item level will likely be reported in chat.
Mainly on regal higher level maps. You need a return on these in the type of loot, currency drops, and above all else maps of the same level or larger so you can preserve bringing in extra experience and higher level loot.
I will typically trans/aug/alt till I get a superb magic monsters or pack size roll, if it’s in the top from the range, I regal and hope for in the finest, an additional mob roll (the one I did not get, extra rares, sea witches, and so forth….) or at worse, at the very least a mod that’s not a significant pain in the ass or not possible for my existing build to perform (which is definitely on no regen, all other people are annoying but attainable with patience).
Before I began mapping at a higher level, I had no idea how much currency goes into maps but if you are willing to roll them effectively and invest, you’ll get your return in maps, expertise, and currency.


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