NHL 18: Each Players Want To Get Into NHL THREES Mode

In NHL 18, Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Versus and NHL THREES. NHL THREES is definitely our favorite part of this game. At the same time, each players want to get into this mode. The new NHL THREES mode add some arcade-like wrinkles to tradional hockey gameplay. NHL THREES will be the mode that truly makes this version of the NHL series. Stay tuned to U4GM for more guides and information on the game: https://www.u4gm.com/nhl-18.

NHL 18

NHL THREES gives gamers a comedic style of an arcade game and is what fans have been asking for in the NHL franchise. Players play 3-on-3 the CPU, their friends or against online users. In this game mode, 30 out of the 31 NHL teams including the four division all-star teams are available. EA has added to this mode by including the 3-on-3 format with NHL rules applied and get you have your team mascot to cheer you on your journey.

EASHL allows players to build their hockey arenas, design jerseys, design your player and create a team bonding experience. EASHL is a realistic way to create your hockey club with your friends online and to compete to be the best hockey club in the online community. This brand-new arcade mode highlights hard-hitting and high-scoring, highlighted by the brand new Moneypuck feature.

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